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This Year’s AGM (Changed!): Sat Aug 27, 2016 – click here!

Regatta update: July 16, 2016 – click here!

WELCOME! This site is a resource for all Horseshoe and Virtue Lake residents.

The Horseshoe Lake Association is a resource and central communicator for many lake activities and initiatives. It is your voice to all levels of government and it provides a way for action to be taken on behalf of all, for the preservation and improvement of Horseshoe and Virtue Lakes.

Why join the Horseshoe Lake Association?

We support all initiatives to protect, maintain and improve our beautiful lake.   We represent you when issues occur.  Join now and be part of the group whose motto is “For the Sake of the Lake”. Make sure our wonderful lakes are still wonderful for our grandchildren.  What does the HLA do for you?   Here are some of the issues we are concerned about and are monitoring on your behalf:
1. Did you know that Horseshoe Lake is classified “at development capacity” by the Township of Seguin?     
2. Did you know that that the Township and your Association constantly monitors water quality and lake suseptibility to invasive plant life?   
3. Did you know that we measure and have kept monthly water level data for the past 35 years? 

Graphs and data on water levels from 1978-2013 – check under the Lake Stewardship, Water Levels and Quality menu

HLA Summer 2016 Newsletter click here

HLA 2016 Septic Pumpout Program click here

HLA Fall 2015 Newsletter click here



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